8 Natural Ways to Unblock Fallopian Tubes “WITHOUT SURGERY”

Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Know a day’s almost 50% of infertility cases comes under fallopian tube blockage.

Moreover half of the people are going to surgical operations.

You have to know one thing here surgical treatments can lead risk of damaging other tissues, organs.

So, surgery is not a good option.

Again the question start “How to Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Don`t worry!

There are some good, effective natural ways to clear your tubal blockage.

It`s completely safe and natural to your health.

Ok! Let`s see how natural remedies to unblock your fallopian tubes fully.

Here are the 8 Natural Ways to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery

fallopian tube blockage treatment

#8. Meditation:

meditation for blocked fallopian tubes

Do you know 60% of all our health problems relate to stress?

Yes! Day-by-day the above percentage increases slightly.

By doing meditation regularly helps to unblock the tubes and improves body healing potential.

So, start meditation 10-15 minutes.

#7. Yoga:

yoga treatment for blocked fallopian tubes

Yoga is one of the ancient ways to relieve so many health problems.

It also helps to open partially blocked fallopian tubes and increase fertility.

There are 2 important, effective poses to unblock fallopian tubes:

  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)
  • Legs up the Wall (Viparita Karani)

#6. Eat High Antioxidants Foods:

antioxidants foods for tubal blockage

Taking high antioxidants foods works as a digestive relaxant.

Moreover, it treats vaginal discharge, painful urination and improves blood flow.

The below are the “Top 5 High Antioxidants Foods“:

  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Cinnamon
  • Beans

#5. Ginger Root Herb:

how to use ginger for blocked fallopian tubes

Ginger root is the best way to improve blood circulation and reduce tubal blocks and inflammation.

Reason: Herbs are not supported for all type of bodies.

#4. Castor Oil Therapy:

castor oil therapy for blocked fallopian tubes

Applying castor oil on lower abdomen increases blood circulation around the fallopian tubes.

It helps to remove old blood cells and diseased cells.

So, do it daily for at least 2 months.

#3. Acupuncture:

acupuncture treatment for blocked fallopian tubes

Acupuncture is one of a good way to regulate the fallopian tubes function…

It breaks down the adhesions and scar tissues around the fallopian tubes…

#2. Detoxification:

detoxification diet for tubal blockage

Toxins normally cover up of the blockages in tubes…

By detoxifying, the body increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs and removes toxins.

It helps to improve liver, uterine health also.

The below foods are good to detoxify your body:

  • Raspberries
  • Oranges
  • Broccoli
  • Green tea
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables

#1. Massage:

self fertility massage for blocked fallopian tubes

Massaging the abdomen area is a good technique to unblock tubes and improves blood circulation around the tubes.

It Reduces blood clots, cramps and strengthens your body.

Let`s see how to do:

  1. Lie down and upwards your face put a pillow under your lower back.
  2. Take a deep breath and relax.
  3. Apply almond, lavender or olive oil on hands and massage your stomach, above your belly button.
  4. Repeat the same process 20 to 30 times.

Now you know how to unblock fallopian tubes with simple, effective natural methods.

Now the real problem comes.

When I get pregnant after clearing tubal obstruction?

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