Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant “You Have No Right to Ask”

why am i not getting pregnant

Dear Friends,

Before going to dig into this topic, let you know one thing first.

The reason behind for creating this post is “My Sister“.

No doubt reason is my sister, but I am sure there are so many women`s still behaving like this.

After complete this post, you know why I said like this.


Let dig into the topic now.

I don`t know what some women think about their body.

They always so frustrating, depressing, devastate and stress their lives.

Every time they raise the same question “Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant“.

Let`s take “My Sister Life” an example.

She visits so many doctors and elaborates her pain “unable to get pregnant“, and doctors prescribes a big list of medicines… DAMN!

pregnancy medicinesNo doubt visiting a doctor and asks for a solution is good, but she has to understand “what wrongs she did“, “why her body not ready for conception“.

Main Reason For Not Getting Pregnant

Whenever she become sad, she eats a lot of food (it includes junk and normal food).

Moreover, she drinks 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily.

Result: Weight Gain (Obesity)

pregnancy weight loss tipsI explain to her fully with “Top Studies” and “Solutions“.

But no use! She can`t understand it…

Maybe it`s not an understanding problem, why because?

I saw her tears several times.

why am i unable to get pregnantI think she unable to come out her lifestyle, but I never give up I try it every day and I am fully confident one good morning I listen my sister is pregnant…

These are the PROVEN METHODS what I suggest and implement in my sister life…

I am sure it helps you also my friends, In case if you feel this post is valuable to share “Come on Share it to our other fellow friends

Here are the Proven Methods For Getting Pregnant

12 Proven Methods for Getting Pregnant Fast

  • Eat low glycemic foods
  • Eat organic foods (to remove residual pesticides, harmful chemicals clean with water and add few drops of vinegar)
  • Avoid processed, flavor and preservative foods
  • Eat protein foods
  • Eat grass fed meat only (but low quantity)
  • Take low-fat dairy products
  • Stop drinking alcohol, smoking
  • Limit Caffeine intake (if you stop, it`s so better)
  • Reduce your stress levels and sleep well
  • Maintain a proper, ideal body weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stop using chemicals (hair dyes, nail polish remover, and household cleaners…)
  • Stay away pesticides
  • Don`t wear tight dress, jeans, and undergarments

Ok friends!

Hope you got why I use this word “You Have No Right to Ask“.

One Minute Please!

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  • Tubal Obstruction
  • PCOS, Endometriosis
  • Miscarriages or
  • Uterine Problems.

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Infertility Success Stories

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  • What to do
  • When to do
  • How to do

With clear illustrations, simple methods and main thing are, This program is fully equipped with an Ancient Chinese System.

I never think, it`s this much of easy to do and follow.

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Ok! Bye Friends,

Have a Joyous Day

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  • Yager Raina Mar 13, 2017

    I just wanted to say thanks for writing this “Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant” and for giving hope to women at my age. I am 42 and I am finally going to be a mother. I Love You Dear…….

    • Joyous Pregnancy Mar 13, 2017

      Congrats Friend…. I am very happy to see this. I pray for you and yours baby health. May God Bless You. I love you too dear.. Have a Joyous Day 🙂

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